June 27, 2011

Beautiful Trance song by Dash Berlin

Night Time

Time to go
It’s time to go
Whatever this means
He’s happy it seems
The gentle accent moves me forward
With secrets that I know were true
So I’ll be a fleeting sound (?)
A lightray out on the water
And I’ll know his secret name
And tell him about the night time

June 19, 2011

Firoozeh Dumas

They needed to be sad. I knew that much.

-Firoozeh Dumas, Laughing without an Accent

June 11, 2011

Vivo per Lei

I fell in love with this song when I was just a child. It talks about the author's love for music. It makes me feel sooo good as a musician, it perfectly expresses what I feel, the sacrifices we make. Lyrics I got here http://www.hotlyrics.net/lyrics/A/Andrea_Bocelli/Vivo_Per_Lei_%28English_Version%29.html and here is a rendition:


I live for her, you know, since
the first time I met her.
I do not remember how, but
she entered within me and stayed there.
I live for her because she makes
my soul vibrate so strongly.
I live for her and it is not a burden.

I live for her too, you know,
and don't be jealous:
she belongs to all those who
have a need that is always switched on
like a stereo in the bedroom,
to someone who is alone and now knows
that she is also for him; for this reason
I live for her.

She is a muse who invites us
to brush her with the fingers.
Through a piano
death remains far away;
I live for her.

I live for her who often knows
how to be sweet and sensual;
sometimes she stuns you but
it is a blow that never hurts.

I live for her. I know she makes me
travel from town to town
and suffer a little, but at least I live.

It is painful when she leaves.
I live in hotels for her.
It grows with supreme pleasure.
I live for her in the vortex.
Through my voice
it expands and produces love.

I live for her, I have nothing else,
and how many others I shall meet
who, like me, have written on their faces
"I live for her."

I live for her
on a dais or against a wall
I live for her to the limit.
also in a harsh tomorrow.
I live for her to the very edge.
Every day
a conquest;
the protagonist
will always be her.

I live for her because now
I have no other way out,
because, you know, music
is something I have truly never betrayed.

I live for her because she gives me
rests and notes with freedom.
If there were another life I'd live it,
I'd live it for her.

I live for her, music.
I live for her.
I live for her, she is unique.
I live for her.
I live for her.
I live
for her.

June 10, 2011

Notre Dame de Paris-La Monture

Another song from the musical The Notre Dame de Paris. Its so funny, I only sort of know French, and so for the longest time I thought that the character Esmeralda, (the gypsy, the Zingara) was singing this song to the priest, for being self righteous. I thought she was saying that she was as innocent as a lamb, with a heart as pure as the sky is blue, even though she was a gypsy. Now I see there is some sort of love triangle between a character called Fleur de Lys, Esmeralda, and maybe Phoebus. Fleur de Lys wants to be as sexy and free as Esmeralda. I got some help translating from the video in this site, where you can also here this most beautiful song:

La Monture

La Monture

When we see you on your steed
What allure, what stature
A true model of rightousness
A force of nature

Or maybe you're a just a rake
a creature of luxury
that courts adventure?
And is there a heart beneath your armor

Mine is pure like azure
Let me mend your wounds
Let's forget this misadventure
I would love you if you swear
I would love you if you swear
that we will hang her,
The Gypsy

My dreams as a little girl
sewing thread in needles
I threw them to the wolf
Oh stop--I'm as innocent as a lamb
that rolls in the field.

Your words of love are injuries
your sermons are perjuries
My heart grows harder, I'll back you against the wall
Deliver me of my chains,
take me, 
teach me the art of lust

I'll love you if you swear, they'll hang the Zingara

Notre Dame de Paris-Belle

There is a musical based on the story of the Hunchback of Notre Dame, so beautiful. Here is a song, translated somewhat clumsily by yours truly ;). The three different sections are sung by different characters

A word you could say was invented for her
When she dances and she shows her body to the day,
a bird that spreads its wing to fly
Then I feel hell open at my feet

I put my eyes on her gypsy dress
Which makes me again pray to our Lady
That who would throw her the first stone,
does not deserve to be on earth.

Oh Lucifer!
Oh give me just one time
to glide my fingers through the hair of Esmeralda

The devil himself is incarnated in her
to turn my eyes away from eternal God
Who has put in my being this carnal desire
To prevent me from looking towards the sky

She wears on her the original sin
To desire her makes me a criminal
She that is taken for a girl of joy, a girl of nothing
Seems to suddenly wear the cross of all humanity

Oh Notre Dame, oh give me just one chance
to push the door of the garden of Esmeralda

Damn her big black eyes that bewitch you
the demoiselle is still be a maid?
When her movements make me see mountains and marvels
under her petticoat the colors of the rainbow

My dulcimer, let me be unfaithful to you
Before bringing you to the other one
which the man who would turn away from her
Under pain of being changed into a statue of salt

Oh Fleur-de-Lys
I'm not a man of faith
I'm going to pick the flower of love of Esmeralda

June 6, 2011

Fortune Cookies 8

Your day will be somewhat dictated by authority.

You are almost there

A new adventure awaits you this weekend

Hold fast to dreams for if dreams die, life is like a broken-winged bird that cannot fly

June 3, 2011

Mary Baker Eddy

Our false views of life hide eternal harmony, and produce the ills of which we complain.
Mary Baker Eddy, Science and Health

Firoozeh Dumas

"If empowerment were as simple as being able to show skin, Paris Hilton would be the most enlightened woman in the United States."

Firoozeh Dumas, from her book "Laughing without and Accent," discussing freedom for women, hijab, and American culture