June 10, 2011

Notre Dame de Paris-La Monture

Another song from the musical The Notre Dame de Paris. Its so funny, I only sort of know French, and so for the longest time I thought that the character Esmeralda, (the gypsy, the Zingara) was singing this song to the priest, for being self righteous. I thought she was saying that she was as innocent as a lamb, with a heart as pure as the sky is blue, even though she was a gypsy. Now I see there is some sort of love triangle between a character called Fleur de Lys, Esmeralda, and maybe Phoebus. Fleur de Lys wants to be as sexy and free as Esmeralda. I got some help translating from the video in this site, where you can also here this most beautiful song:

La Monture

La Monture

When we see you on your steed
What allure, what stature
A true model of rightousness
A force of nature

Or maybe you're a just a rake
a creature of luxury
that courts adventure?
And is there a heart beneath your armor

Mine is pure like azure
Let me mend your wounds
Let's forget this misadventure
I would love you if you swear
I would love you if you swear
that we will hang her,
The Gypsy

My dreams as a little girl
sewing thread in needles
I threw them to the wolf
Oh stop--I'm as innocent as a lamb
that rolls in the field.

Your words of love are injuries
your sermons are perjuries
My heart grows harder, I'll back you against the wall
Deliver me of my chains,
take me, 
teach me the art of lust

I'll love you if you swear, they'll hang the Zingara

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