June 10, 2011

Notre Dame de Paris-Belle

There is a musical based on the story of the Hunchback of Notre Dame, so beautiful. Here is a song, translated somewhat clumsily by yours truly ;). The three different sections are sung by different characters

A word you could say was invented for her
When she dances and she shows her body to the day,
a bird that spreads its wing to fly
Then I feel hell open at my feet

I put my eyes on her gypsy dress
Which makes me again pray to our Lady
That who would throw her the first stone,
does not deserve to be on earth.

Oh Lucifer!
Oh give me just one time
to glide my fingers through the hair of Esmeralda

The devil himself is incarnated in her
to turn my eyes away from eternal God
Who has put in my being this carnal desire
To prevent me from looking towards the sky

She wears on her the original sin
To desire her makes me a criminal
She that is taken for a girl of joy, a girl of nothing
Seems to suddenly wear the cross of all humanity

Oh Notre Dame, oh give me just one chance
to push the door of the garden of Esmeralda

Damn her big black eyes that bewitch you
the demoiselle is still be a maid?
When her movements make me see mountains and marvels
under her petticoat the colors of the rainbow

My dulcimer, let me be unfaithful to you
Before bringing you to the other one
which the man who would turn away from her
Under pain of being changed into a statue of salt

Oh Fleur-de-Lys
I'm not a man of faith
I'm going to pick the flower of love of Esmeralda

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