April 12, 2011

Belinda- Bella Traicion

Another favorite I have translated for you, the artist is Belinda, and the song is called  Beautiful Betrayal

I don't want to seem him again,
my soul is in two for you
I don't care about the fire in which I burn today
They say I'm love sick 
that I rise and fall again for you each time you appear in front of me

because without you there is no way
nor destiny, I'm lost
because without you I don't care about the minutes
nor the day, because without you there isn't any present or future,
save me
from this beautiful treachery thatkilled my illusion.
Forgive me if I forget you
I'm sorry if illusion is exhausting

I don't care about what I swore to you
They tell me everything is over
that you're only a song of yesterday
a breath in the air that remains


Where will you be when my lips search you
and where will be that dream so sweet that was the two of us
you were my beautiful betrayal!


  1. Belinda? are you serious? she´s not a singer, she´s a fabricated artist like Britney.

    nice lyric though. thanks for translating.

  2. Thank you for translating!

    Good way to pick up on a new language

  3. great song - and thanks for the translaion

  4. Your blog is so preeetty... I love your idea of welcoming the Mondays!! How lovely :) And I'm glad you liked the Rilke quote! xxx