April 13, 2011

Technical advice for my blog, pretty please?

Hi Everybody!
 Soon my blog will undergo a mini transformation. I will continue my activist work for saving the tigers here, online, on my blog. Can someone tell me how to add a "Donate" button? I have seen it on other blogs. More info soon for the Tigers. Rawr!!!
Thanks for your help!


  1. Well, you need to go to the paypal website.
    And there is a link which takes you through the generation of a donation button. I think it will be some kind of html code snippet that gets generated which you then can put on your blog.

  2. aww they are so cute as kids
    and later so dangerous
    good cause you have there, might be worth a try to put a donate button on

  3. I would explain it myself, but it would be a very long comment. So I'll just tell you to google "how to add a donate button to blogger" and you'll find what you need :)

  4. I've no idea but please share when you find out (: