April 28, 2011

Sin Bandera- Te Vi Venir

I just barely have you, and already I fear losing you, love
How quickly I became attached,
How deep is all this pain.

How little I've known you,
and now I play it all on you
I don't fear betting,
its losing you I fear

No refuge remains but fantasy
There is nothing else to do but write you poetry

Because I saw you come, and I didn't doubt
I saw you arrive, I embraced you
and I put in all my passion so that you would stay
And later I kissed you, and risked the truth
I caressed you, and finally opened my heart to let you in

My love I gave you without condition, so that you would stay.

Now I'll wait a few days to see if what I gave you was enough
You don't know the terror I feel,
the wait each morning,
If you don't want to return, love would lose its feeling for ever
I wouldn't understand this world, I'd abandon the people


  1. Awesome post! Keep up this great blogging work!

  2. How have you been!!! Great post!! :D

  3. Your quotes are all so beautiful - I love the Gibran poem especially xx