April 27, 2011

Sin Bandera- Suelta mi mano

No, its not necessary to understand
because reason has never served the heart,
the heart doesn't think.
No, my life, why are you making an effort?
you don't have to explain. I will always love your freedom,
despite how much it hurts.

And I do understand that you want to talk
that sometimes you need to know of me
but I don't know if I want to know of you,
to live like this, keep on like this, thinking of you

Let go of my hand, already, please
Understand that I have to go.
If you don't feel any more this love,
I have nothing else to say.
Don't say anything, now please,
I understand you, but understand me:
each word increases the hurt,
and a tear wants to leave.

And please don't stop me
I always find a way to continue and to live
though I don't have you anymore.
And no, mi life, its not worth it
for what do you want to call,
if he that was me will not be there.
This is the last dinner.

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