April 6, 2011

Spice and Wolf!

Theme song from my most recent anime adventure, Spice and Wolf, with pics of the main character: 
All alone, 
on a journey, I lost my way;
as I stood still, my heart alone wandered.
But now I can walk again, 
as far as I need to;
yes, ever since I met you 
on this road.

The song travelers sing, 
though I don't know it,
sounds familiar to me
as long as I'm with you.
If the world we dreamed of 
exists anywhere,
let's go look for it, 
beyond the wind.
The freezing dawn, 
the parched midday,
the trembling night; 
let's go see what's at their end.

Your eyes, which 
know loneliness well,
blink, and that color 
is reflected.

I'll fly into the sky 
and become a crescent moon;
those mint-colored stars must be 
shards of tears.
A dock in the country to the east; the western sea;
a southern town in a dark forest; a golden tower;
a hill in the south, shaken by water; above all, the same moon. 

As long as you'll let me 
hold your hand,
how far shall we go?  
Together with you,
I can go anywhere.  
Let's go embrace
the rustling scent 
of a world yet unseen.

images from: sodahead.com media.photobucket.com