March 7, 2011


I don't understand how when it comes to dealing with corruption, the smartest, kindest, most caring people shrug their shoulders and give up. 

For the biggest challenges facing our world today, we seem to have a supply of innovative, intelligent minds ready to combat them. AIDS? Scientists! Breastcancer? Doctors! Rainforest depletion? Activists and shade grown fair trade coffee farmers! 
Yet when it comes to helping our sisters and brothers in war-torn or natural disaster struck countries, such as Pakistan, African countries, or Afghanistan, we shrug our shoulders and say, "well we have given them plenty of money, and most of it just goes into the coffers of the warlords, the politicians."

I am glad that more people are becoming educated to the fact that the real problem is not lack of money, food, or even caring. The real problems are an ingrained fear of lack in those societies, which causes a grasping attitude towards materials, a culture of bribery, and above all, greed. (I make an important distiction here that this is not caused by the people, but circumstances, often made worse by US politics...)

So yes, corruption is a problem, but why do we consider it an insurmountable problem? We're not shy about finding alternative energy sources, protesting in the streets against the Iraq war, (SF 2004, woohoo! holla!), building houses for poorer people in Mexico City and New Orleans. We even have walkers for our disabled dogs. When it comes to a little skimming of the fat, however, we don't touch it with a ten foot pole. 

I implore my readers to not become discouraged! There are corruption indexes, to help you make good investment choices. There are transparent, non-governmental organizations. The minutes and budgets of our own Congress are allowed to be seen by the public. There are alternative ways to help like micro-financing or the Heifer project international. These give small amounts of resources to families, and the economic benefits ripple throughout the community. Give books, not money! For each year of education a girl receives, she postpones child-bearing; which combats poverty and gives her family a better chance of survival. I encourage you to check out these ideas, and post me more of your ideas!

Come on people; our country produces lights that we clap on, robots that mop our floors, and computers to which we can dictate our letters. We can deal.


  1. I'm not from the USA but here in Poland we can experience the same problems with the society ("Let's talk about alternate sources of energy, Large Hadron Collider" etc., but when it comes to bribery everybody suddenly becomes silent) and the politicians, which are the most corrupted part of the society.

    I don't think any type of financing (micro nor macro) could make anything better. I think the solution is to track down the bribers that waste our money and make them return every single cent they've made away with and eventually die in pain like millions of other underneath them.
    It might be too brutal, but this is what I think.

  2. A big problem ist that the so called 1st world countries are running out of money as well. Its sad but the poorness of the third world ensures our status.

  3. Agreed
    corruption is everywhere
    we just gotta choose the right leaders and take the initiative ourselves

  4. Really interesting read, keep it up! Following!