March 11, 2011

No excuses! Plastic bags-1st part of a multi-part rant against plastic bags

Today I bought dishwasher detergent. It was 5.99 for the Method brand, which has no phosphates and no bleach. This protects the fishes. It had 20 pellets, for 20 washes. The Cascade brand was 6.99 for only 16 washes. So the fish friendly detergent was cheaper!!!!! No excuses for not making environmentally friendly buying decisions. The good karma paid off, because on this day, when I went to the checkout, with my canvas bag instead of a plastic bag, I had just enough rewards points that my detergent was practically free!

Stop fooling yourself, telling yourself that you will use the plastic bag to line your garbage can. I find thats true for only about 25% of plastic bags, because they don't necessarily fit your garbage can.

They are just trash trash trash that harms the beautiful fishes. Shame shame shame.

Besides, my Method brand soap smells nicely of Pink Grapefruit, or as the French would say, Pamplemousse.

More photos on the way, of the beautiful creatures you're harming with your plastic bag habit.


  1. =) Yay for the fishes!
    By the way whats with that poll? I don't even know half the colours...
    *voting for something he does not know the colour of*

  2. Aw.. Now I feel really bad!
    I do use the plastic bags for trash though.. We don't use anything else but those bags for our trash. How do I stop harming the environment?
    Help me?

  3. I use a backpack all the time. School, shopping, hiking, road tripping.

  4. I always take my own bags because I also hate plastic