March 3, 2011

Free Rice- because we can't create art on an emptry stomach

No one likes to be hungry. I discovered this website, in which you answer easy trivia questions and then sponsors donate rice to hungry people around the globe for every right answer.

Donating food instead of money can be an effective method to avoid corruption.


  1. in other country food is more precious than money.
    because no food to eat, so what's the use of money??

  2. Nice, where i live sometimes people ask for money infront of a food stand or something, i tell them, "HOW ABOUT I BUY YOU LUNCH INSTEAD" The guy flips me the finger and says that he wantsthe money. A grim day for humanity

  3. This is an awesome concept! I'm gonna play on it later tonight. For a while. Rice, rice baby!

  4. This is a really cool idea, great post!

  5. Neat! followed!

  6. LigerLily, thank you so much for sharing us!

    We've managed to raise enough to feed over 4.6 million people through word of mouth, without absolutely no advertising budget, so it's really deeply appreciated.