March 14, 2011

Help for Japan!

One of the reasons I began this blog is to raise awareness.
Often times I felt helpless when I saw some of the world's problems, because I thought: "I don't have any money to give them. I don't have any resources to donate."
Then I realized that the real problem was never lack of of money or resources, but lack of understanding and compassion.

Then I realized the real problem wasn't a lack of understanding and compassion, but a lack of education and experience which produce those.

We need experience; of other people, cultures, ways of life; so that we can empathize with their problems, and have compassion. (This is why I think its so important to travel) 

 We need an education, that shows us the things we can do to help.
(This is why I believe so strongly in social activism.)

These pictures are just a few examples of how Japanese culture has contributed to my life. My thoughts and prayers go out to the Japanese people in this difficult time for them.

  I've also researched and included links on how you can help Japan right now. Maybe, like me, you don't have any money to donate. That's okay. Just by reading this, maybe clicking on the links, you are part of a chain reaction of awareness. I believe that if a butterfly flaps its wings in Mexico, it can cause a storm halfway around the world. Lets combat this tsunami-earthquake with a positive storm.


  1. it's true Japanese have a huge influence

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  2. the events in japan are such a tragedy and it gets worse every day

  3. thanks for those links, let's try and help those in need.

  4. It's interesting to be reminded how much I've been influenced by Japan. Cool post.

  5. Such a thoughtful lil post.

    And the pictures were adorable ^_^


  6. I can't imagine something like that hitting my country :S
    Still I agree with you-Japan has positively infuenced my life aswell!

  7. inspiring post....sad times