March 21, 2011

POP QUIZ: Jane Eyre, or Kaze no Stigma???

One of my goals in this blog is to illustrate the unity of concepts and themes in art which comes from contrasting times and places.

My post from March 15, 2011 is an example of that effort to bridge the distance between cultures. I showed that an ancient Hindu story and a recent Mexican pop song shared a theme of mouths and infinity.

So to continue, a pop quiz! (Hahaha you thought that you were done with those years ago....)

Which of these inspirational messages comes from Jane Eyre, (the classic by Charlotte Bronte that I missed in my education and am just now getting around to so that I can watch the movie) or Kaze no Stigma, (my latest anime show, in which Kaze is exiled from his clan for controlling wind, when his family controls fire. But I suspect he will have the last laugh, since he came back super bad-ass as the chosen one of the winds, and now his family needs him to stay alive.)

1. The memories unlocked them.

2. Am I cruel in my love?

3. A blast of wind in my heart...

4. When the secrets of all hearts shall be disclosed...

5. Under the great weight of a single pain, emotions break loose and run through the darkness

6. I stopped once to ask myself what joy meant.

7. Just like water, destiny will begin to move forward on its own.

8. She comes from the other world.

9. Tell me if I can ever dream again.


  1. 1 Kaze no Stigma
    2 Jane Eyre
    3 Kaze no Stigma
    4 Kaze no Stigma
    5 Jane Eyre
    6 Jane Eyre
    7 Jane Eyre
    8 Kaze no Stigma
    9 Kaze no Stigma

  2. thanks for taking the quiz, mac-and-me! you did pretty well; the odd numbers are Kaze, and the even numbers are Jane Eyre. :)